EX-ARM is a classified military super-weapon. At least 10 were created.

List of EX-ARMs[edit | edit source]

  • EX-ARM No. 00 - The EX-ARM inhabited by Akira Natsume.
  • EX-ARM No. 01 - It allows the user to transform any human being into a living suicide bomb.
  • EX-ARM No. 08 - It allows the user to pass through anything that is right in front of him with just a touch of its robotic hand.
  • EX-ARM No. 09 - Its a wrist like gauntlet that'll transform people into bombs.
  • EX-ARM No. 10 - It allows the user to melt any object that anyone possessed.
  • EX-ARM No. 11 - This allows the user to create a purple sphere from its left hand that'll instantly destroy anything.
  • EX-ARM No. 13 - This allow the user to fire a circular laser that can teleport anything that are animate or alive to another location.
  • EX-ARM No. 16 - A fist like ex-arm with unknown capability.
  • EX-ARM No. 23 - Its a chest like ex-arm that allows the user to materialize any illusion into a form of a weapon like the daggers.
  • EX-ARM No. 24 - It allows the user to cut anything with just its foot in half.
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