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Below are the eyecatchers for EX-ARM, specifically the EX-ARM (anime). To date, they are the only good looking parts of the anime.

Ex-Arm Eyecatcher 1


Episode 1 - Alma and Minami Uenozono are entangled in a hot, yuri way.

Episode 2 - Once again, Alma and Minami are entangled.

Episode 3 - Alma is unfortuately not in a yuri scene this time.

Episode 4 - Unfortunately it isn't Alma this time, but Elmira is not a bad replacement even if it is less ecchi.

Episode 5 - A lack of Alma is certainly over-compensated by the wonderful view we get of Chikage Rokuoin and Arisa Himegami.

Episode 6 - Once more, no Alma and instead there is a different female but its still a good look.